All about plaster its types and technologies of drawing

The first finishing works in registration of rooms and facades of the building are plaster works. Technologies of any works are directed to optimum achievement of a good-quality product. Plaster works – not an exception. They have the technicians of performance, observing which, you receive by the minimum efforts and expenses a beautiful and good-quality decorative covering. Observing technology, you will avoid complications and mistakes, an unjustified waste of time and resources. The main thing – you do not taste disappointment and will not lose faith in own forces.

As construction material, plaster is subdivided into the following types:

  1. Usual – is applied to alignment of walls.
  2. Special – leveling walls, at the same time performs functions of warming, noise-absorbing, etc.
  3. Decorative plaster – fulfills first of all the esthetic requirements, at the same time protects a surface of walls. She can hide some of their defects, to be additional zvuko-and a heat insulator. Treats finishing finishings.

Depending on the set decorative task and a type of plaster material technologies are selected. They define the sequence of working operations, a type of tools, devices and equipments.

The purpose of the website is the help to persons interested to make repair and to decorate the house with the hands. To choose what suits you and it is correct to perform works, it is possible only having understood nuances of creation of these or those plaster effects.

On pages of the website data on how by means of plaster means it is possible to change the house and to make it romantic, surprising and attractive, or strict, monumentally stately are laid out. As a result of your work your house will become unique. In case of need you will be able always to repair the broken covering or to refresh and decorate house walls in a new way.

Even if your plans are not independent performance of work, data will be useful to you. You will know what it is necessary to pay attention at signing of the contracts with contractors and acceptance of work to.